August 7


Saturday(8/13) – Glendora Mountain Road and Sunday(8/14) – Open Water Swim

Saturday Ride and Transition Run

Interested in riding GMR with us?

When: Saturday, August 13th at 6:15 AM

Where: Goddard Middle School 859 East Sierra Madre Avenue, Glendora, CA
Distance: 44 miles round trip. Click here for a route map
Who: All paces are welcome…but this should not be your first 45 mile ride. See below for more details

Our plan is to ride to the Baldy Village and then return along the same route. We will regroup before heading back to the start. There is a spot in Baldy Village to refill water bottles.

**You should be very comfortable riding 45 miles through hilly terrain. This is not a supported ride so each person assumes responsibility for themselves and their bike. Please carry water, food, and a few tubes in the event of a flat.

A few of us will head out on a short 3 -4 mile run after the ride

Sunday Swim at Corona Del Mar

Interested in swimming with us at Corona Del Mar?  We will be meeting at 6:30 AM for a 45 minute – 1 hour swim.  Park for  free above the main lot or about $15 at the main lot.

We will meet at the outdoor showers.

Here is a map of the location

A few of us will head out on a 8 – 12 mile run after the swim.


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