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Strength – Endurance Phase

Strength endurance is very similar to the strength phase. The emphasis is still on maximal force to the pedals, but now we bring the cadence closer to a more natural range. This allows us to bridge the gap between very low cadence and fast cadence riding. The key for the bike intervals is that we are still feeling it in the legs more than in the lungs. If you your legs are doing fine, but you’re breathing is labored, then pick a tougher gear and consider dropping the cadence a bit. The cadence range should be 65 – 80. Depending on your natural strengths, you will need to adjust so that you are achieving the goal of the session.

Sample Bike Strength Endurance Workout
15 minute warm up going through a range of intensities and cadences.
4 x 7 minutes @ 65 – 80 RPM @ Z3/Z4 power. Recover 5 minutes with easy spinning.
10 minute cool down

As far as the run goes, you can extend the hill a bit (up to 8 minutes) but keep in mind you should be able to run up it and not shuffle. Intensity remains about the same as the strength phase, but recovery can decrease a bit. Work to rest ratio can be closer to 1:1.

Sample Run Strength Endurance Workout
20 minute warm up consisting of a drills and a steady build up. Finish with strides.
5 x 6 minutes on a 5-7% hill @ Z3/Z4 intensity with 5-6 minute recovery as an easy jog.
Cool down with 5-10 minute easy jog

Here’s a look at the Speed Phase

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