Here is a list of basic exercises that you can incorporate into your training on the strength training days. If it has been awhile since lifting weights, then start with little to no weight and just use body weight or very light weight. If you are unfamiliar with these routines, then I would suggest having qualified trainer review these with you. You should also consider a functional assessment to determine your weak areas. If you are in North Orange County, I would suggest SCAR and if in South Orange County, check out Rausch PT.

By no means is this an extensive list of exercises, but it covers some of the basics.

TRX Y’s (upper back)

Air Squat – build up to adding weight

Walking Lung – build up to adding weight

Reverse Lunge – build up to adding weight

Dead Lifts –Only if you know the proper form.

Single Leg Dead Lift

Single Leg Glute Bridge – Version 1

Barbell Hip Thrust – Version 2

Glute Kick Back