January 24


Team FC Group Bike Ride – January 30th

Meeting Time – Ride leaves at 7AM

Meeting Location – Santa Ana River Trail and Circle K  
3899 E Riverdale Ave, 92807 Anaheim

Route 1: 40 miles – 15-17 mph average speed.  Santa Ana Bike Trail to beach and back

Route 2: 47 miles – 18 – 21 mph average speed.  Santa Ana Bike Trail to PCH to Back Bay to Jamboree.  Map route

The rides will stay close to this pacing.  If you are unable to ride at this average pace for route 2, then make sure you know the route back or you are riding with someone who knows the route. Click on the map route above for a detailed map.

Cycling Etiquette:   Here are a few  items worth mentioning.

  • Show up ready to ride at the designated time
  • Keep the pacing steady – no surging ahead if you decide to “pull”
  • Watch for and announce oncoming cyclists when on the river trail
  • Don’t ride more than two abreast on the river trail..and stay on your side of the trail
  • Be predictable – no sudden or abrupt movements
  • Have fun

For a more detailed explanation of cycling etiquette, visit http://www.thebicyclesite.com/roadrideetiquette.html


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