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Test From Any Location

Get an Inside View of Your Physiology and Take the Guesswork out of Training Without Going to a Lab

Push your performance to the next level with INSCYD, a world class performance analysis software developed by leading European physiologists and coaches. Gain insight into your training as well as how to best peak for performance.  Monitor and assess each performance metric so you’ll know exactly what to work on as well as the effectiveness of what you are doing.

Basing a training program on power alone is a great start, but is not enough if you want maximum improvement. Efficiency, fat combustion, aerobic and anaerobic energy supply, carbohydrate sparing, and recovery are just a few examples of crucial training metrics that can significantly impact performance as well as how you should structure training. We can test this. 

Monitor and assess each performance metric so you’ll know exactly what to work on as well as the effectiveness of what you are doing.

Depending on the nature and distance of your race, your training should develop the systems most needed for your event

What is INSCYD?

INSCYD is the most advanced tool to analyze endurance performance in athletes. INSCYD creates a full metabolic performance profile of an athlete. This includes: aerobic capacity (V02Max), glycolytic capacity (VLa max), anaerobic threshold (maximal steady state output), efficiency, fuel combustion (Fat vs. Carbohydrate), lactate accumulation & recovery, and aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution of a given intensity.

INSCYD Power Testing

(Cycling only)
  • Test from any location
  • Maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max) 
  • Anaerobic capacity (VLamax).
  • Aerobic and anaerobic energy contribution for cycling.
  • Fat and Carbohydrate Combustion rates..
  • We evaluate cycling efficiency and understand how it affects your performance.
  • Training zones established based on your individual performance profile.
  • Video review to give feedback for your performance profile.
  • PDF report of your performance profile.

Cost: $229 for a single test and analysis

Train at the Right Intensities.  Develop the Right Systems.  Perform Your Best

Team Testing

Available for groups of 5 or more. Contact us for details.

Putting it All Together

Critical power testing will reveal so much useful and helpful information.  Each test includes a detailed PDF with your specific metabolic profile.  Once you have your results we will take the time to help you make sense of how it should drive your training. Coach Joby will personally help you understand the insight this data can give you about how to best train for your key race.