FC Endurance

Time Trial Throw Down

....Because we NEED to compete!

Are you ready to test your fitness? Let's challenge your determination and competitiveness.

When:  Saturday, August 15th.  Our first rider begins at 7:30 AM.  

Join us for our Time Trial Throw Down. Predict your time " and then stomp on the gas pedal.

The Route

Bike Route - 20.9 miles

This rolling hills route through the Santiago Canyon will challenge you to test your limits. Check out the route.  

Run Route - 3 miles

This mostly flat run begins and ends at Santiago Hills Park. Review the route before August 15th. 

This ride is a time trial effort for both the bike and the run.   You can choose to race this at Ironman Intensity, Half Ironman Intensity or Olympic Distance Intensity.  You decide.  

Predict your time for both the bike and the run.  The winner is the person who gets closest to their predicted finishing time. Transitions are not included in your total time.

The Rules

  1. Predict your time for the bike as well as the run. We suggest running and riding the route at least once so you can be competitive in your prediction.
  2. Lap your effort at the beginning and end of the time trial section.
  3. No time references while riding and running.  You can use speed, pace, HR and power but not time. 
  4. The winner is the person who gets closest to their predicted time.
  5. Drafting is not allowed.

** We will wait for everyone to finish the bike before we ride back to Santiago Hills Park to begin the run.  

** If you have a mechanical issue or flat, it's okay to pause your time and continue your effort.  I'd suggest auto-pause.  

** Riders will start based on their predicted finishing time.

Wear Your Gear

Where Do We Meet?

The time trial begins at Santiago Canyon and Loma Ridge.  Please be there by 7:20.  There is no parking up here so be sure you park at Santiago Hills Park.  Allow about 10 minutes to ride up to Loma Ridge.

Parking is available at Santiago Hills Park.  There is usually plenty of parking if you arrive before 7AM.  This is also the start and end of our run route, so it's super convenient. We'll roll out of here just after 7 AM and we'll ride a loop of the run route before heading up to Santiago Canyon

Challenge Accepted?

Here is a list of those who are in.  List updated 7/26

Questions you might have

What if I'm out of shape?

Should I wear my aero helmet?

I can't make it on 8/15?  Are there other options?

Will this time trial hurt?

Should I treat this like a race?