Nail the RUN at Oceanside 70.3

Everyone wants a strong half ironman run, but it’s the area where so many people fall apart. I’m here to tell you, It doesn’t have to be this way, assuming you have put in the training of course.

Imagine what your overall performance would be like if you ran close to your potential?  I’m not talking about running a pace you have never hit in training or racing. Here's what you can do.  Compare your half ironman runs. with your stand-alone half marathon times. If the gap in pacing is larger than 9%, then there is definitely room for improvement. 

The truth is, how you fuel yourself on the bike will impact how well you run.  Let me explain this. If you are burning through 800 calories of carbs per hour on the bike and you are taking in 250 calories per hour, then at the end of a 3-hour bike, you have just created a deficit of 1650 calories. We only have between 1200- 1800 of stored glycogen in our bodies and a 1650 deficit will spell disaster for the run.  This will likely hit you at about 60 minutes into the run.  

So, what’s the solution? Find out the number of calories your body is burning through at race wattage.  Keep in mind, our body burns both fat and carbs. As intensity increases, we begin burning a higher percentage of carbs. Some of the most successful endurance athletes are able to burn a higher percentage of fat close to race pace. How your body burns fuel is completely individual.  Knowing this can help you pace and fuel yourself for a faster run.  

During the week of March 22rd - 29th we will be testing athletes to help dial in their fueling plan.  If you use a power meter to race and train, come and find out the exact energy cost of your race power.  

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