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Run to Your Potential

More running volume is NOT the best way to improve your triathlon run split.

Triathlon running is about efficiency and the right training to allow you to run to your potential.  We'll teach you how to do both.  

Triathlon Specific Run Clinics

You'll learn:

  • Run efficiently - a forward lean may not be the best approach for you.
  • Structure training to allow you to run to your potential.  Most people end up running way too fast in training.  We'll show you a better way.
  • Bike training you must do if you want to run to your potential. No amount of running can overcome weakness on the bike.
  • Fueling strategies to help you approach the run ready to roll.

Clinic Structure

10:00 - 10:10 Overview

10:10 - 11:10 Running workout, feedback and form work

​11:15 - 12:00 - Training principles you NEED to know for a fast run.

Come prepared to run.  This clinic is not just theory and principles.  We'll spend time going through a workout so I have an opportunity to see what you look like under load. This is essential if you are looking for help with your Ironman run.

Each clinic is limited to 5 athletes so I can give each athlete the attention they need to make changes.

For specific triathlon camp questions, please contact Joby Gutierrez: or call (714) 803-6165