January 9


Use Diagnostic Field Testing to Improve Your Ironman Results

Better Ironman Results in 2016 with these 3 diagnostic filed tests

How was your 2015 season? Did you get the results you desired? Perhaps you finished the 2015 season with decent results, but you’re determined to make 2016 an even better season.

Deep inside you know you’re leaving something on the table. Let’s make your 2016 more focused

* You’re overwhelmed – There is so much written about training it’s tough to know which approach will give you the results.
* You want to know what works – Which specific workouts will make the biggest impact on your performance.?
* Tired of just working out – bring focus to your workouts once you know exactly what you need to target.

* Train with purpose
* Make the most of your limited training time
* Watch your training result in measurable improvements….and better performances
* Crush 2016 and smile at your results

* Teach you the 3 diagnostic field tests you need to start doing immediately.
* Show you how each test can identify gaps in your fitness. It’s not always what you think it is.
* Help you interpret the results of these tests so you can structure your training in a more purposeful, results driven approach.

Join me on Jnauary 14th at Endurance House . We’ll begin at 6:30 for a 35 minute presentation covering diagnostic field testing.
Question and answer session will follow the presentation.

If you are coming, please be sure to print out this PDF out to keep track of results as well as for notes. Diagnostic Field Testing –  FC Method


Claim your spot today and I’ll follow up with additional homework you can do before we meet.


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